Online Bookstore Updates

2023 WSU Extension Online Bookstore Update:
New, Revised, and Out of Print Publications

TitlePub #
(Book Code)
Pest Management Guide for Grapes in WashingtonN/ARevised9.5January
Lady Beetles: Should We Buy Them for Our Gardens? (Home Garden Series)FS268ERevisedN/AJanuary
Potential Contaminants in Residential Rain Barrel Water (Home Garden Series)FS280ERevisedN/AJanuary
Dual-Purpose Canola Management in the Pacific NorthwestFS374ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Animal Damage ControlOM29RevisedN/AJanuary
Managing a Successful Timber Sale: Top 10 MustsOM13RevisedN/AJanuary
Managing Woodlands for Aesthetics and EnjoymentOM12RevisedN/AJanuary
Soil Health in Washington VineyardsFS378ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
A Practical Guide to Soil Health Indicators for Monitoring Shifts in Soil Organic MatterFS379ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in WashingtonEB0419New - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)EM112ERevisedN/AMarch
Integrated Management of Mustard Species in Wheat Production SystemsPNW703RevisedN/A April
Pear Psylla Integrated Pest ManagementFS376ENew-OnlineN/AApril
Praying Mantids: Defenders of the Home Landscape? (Home Garden Series)FS380ENew-OnlineN/AMay
Food Hub Growth: A Case Study of the Puget Sound Food Hub CooperativeTB90ENew-OnlineN/AMay
2022 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing and Packing Organic Gala Apples in WashingtonTB19ENew-OnlineN/AMay
2022 Cost Estimates of Producing and Packing Organic Honeycrisp Apples in WashingtonTB91ENew-OnlineN/AMay
Rattail Fescue: Biology and Management in Pacific Northwest Wheat Cropping SystemsPNW613RevisedN/AJune
Feeding Beef Cattle III: Vitamin A Effects on Beef Quality and Neonatal SupplementationFS381ENew-OnlineN/AJuly
Pea Weevil Management in Winter PeasFS382ENew-OnlineN/AJuly
Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard for Mechanized ManagementEM117ERevisedN/AJuly
Minor and Uncommon Fruits for Maritime Climate GardensFS383ENew - Online OnlyN/AAugust
Carbon Sequestration Potential in Cropland Soils in the Inland Pacific Northwest: Knowledge and GapsEM124ENew - Online OnlyN/ASeptember
2022 Cost Estimates of Producing and Packing Conventional Draper Blueberries in Western WashingtonTB93ENew - Online OnlyN/ASeptember
2022 Cost Estimates of Producing and Packing Conventional 'Duke' Blueberries in Western WashingtonTB94EOnline OnlyN/AOctober
Washington Pesticide Laws and SafetyEM012Reprint15.4October