Camera capturing scene it's pointing at.

Video & Photography

CAHNRS Communications has created hundreds of informational, educational and recruitment video programs, as well as countless satellite broadcasts over the last 33 years. In fact, many of our productions have received awards in prestigious festivals in the areas of writing, graphics, production, and editing. Our production team is ready to work on your next project.

We use professional grade cameras and lenses to produce beautiful images in modern 4K formats that convey every detail of your message with remarkable clarity.

Perspective is a vital element to telling your story. Glimpse tiny details within a honeybee colony using macro lenses or wow your audience with grand aerial views captured from our UAV. These are just some of the tools we use to add visual interest to your program and enhance audience engagement.

Complimenting your video with 2D and 3D animations will take your project to the next level, expanding on ideas and focusing on details that can’t be captured with a camera.

In addition to video, photography, and animation, the CAHNRS Communications team has produced hundreds of podcast episodes since 2016. Our award-winning productions include The WSU Wheat Beat Podcast, Food Safety in a Minute, and The Art of Range.

Rates for video production, editing, audio engineering, and photography are a flat rate of $67/hour. Some projects may include incidental costs such as travel, licensing fees, stock video, etc.

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