Analytics Resources

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a tool that tracks and reports website data. This allows you to understand how people use your sites in many different capacities.

Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

All sites have been migrated to GA4 and we no longer use Universal Analytics. GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. It provides a more advanced and comprehensive set of features for analyzing user behavior on websites. However, GA4 is still in its early stages. GA4 may not have all the features and integrations of the older Universal Analytics platform.

GA4 Videos


The video shows how users are finding your website and specific webpages. The follow definitions are describe the different ways users are finding your site:

  • Direct: The user selects the website link
  • Referral: The user selects link on another site that leads to yours.
  • Organic: The user reaching your site through a search engine

Specific URLS

This video shows how to search specific webpages using the URLs to gain user information. This video will show you how to search for a specific webpage on your site to view the user views, total users, views per users, average engagement time, and event count.

How to find 404/Page not found

This video shows how to find 404/Page not found URLs on your website. This information tells you what URLs your users are using that appear as 404/Page not found pages.

Individual File Download

This video shows how to use the GA4 Explore tool to find individual downloads. You’ll be able to view individual file downloads per page for your website.

All File Downloads

This video shows how to see the total file downloads on each webpage on your website.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio turns your Google Analytic 4 (GA4) data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports. Looker Studio is a great resource for sending simplified reports to stakeholders, staff, and faculty.

Looker Studio Service

If you would like the CAHNRS web team to create a Looker Studio report using the Looker Studio Template, it will cost $65/hour. This report can take up to an hour of work, unless you want more customizable content than what’s on the template. Fill out the web support form to request this service.