How to prepare for the migration of your CAHNRS website

The CAHNRS web team is working with leadership to improve the usability, accessibility, functionality, and design of all CAHNRS websites. That work includes migrating all websites to the WSU Web Design System. This is great news for all CAHNRS and Extension website editors and contributors, but more importantly for our external audiences.

Current projects include the WSU Extension website, the main Academics site and county websites. Those sites will undergo a redesign and update with migration to the WSU Web Design System. The update will connect our educational outreach and research projects in ways we have not been able to in the past. For example, educational outreach events can be easily posted on the CAHNRS events calendar, and research findings and news stories will be readily available to our audiences in several locations.

Successful migration and redesign require your help.  To that end, we have developed an FAQs page for website owners and content contributors that outlines the areas where we need your support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All CAHNRS websites including the WSU Extension site and WSU Extension County sites will need to be migrated to the WSU Web Design System. The new system has a new editor, called the Gutenberg Block Editor. This will require website owners and editors to learn a new editor.
  • Recent experience indicates that learning the new editor is straightforward.
  • There is a plethora of resources for learning listed below.

  • Regular communication from the CAHNRS Web Team. 
  • Regular training opportunities and support from the CAHNRS Web Team. 

The CAHNRS web team is working with leadership, program unit directors, web editors, and web content contributors to plan for each project.

  • The timeline for the main Extension website is September 2023.
  • County sites will follow. Not all county sites will be migrated at once. We will migrate county sites based on readiness, meaning those who have been thoroughly reviewed and updated will be migrated first.
  • We will communicate timelines for county sites with county directors and site owners.

  • CAHNRS supports 200+ websites. Approximately 50 of those sites have been migrated. We hope to have all websites migrated to the WSU Web Design System by the end of 2024.
  • The timeline is dependent on several factors, including readiness to migrate, the amount of support needed from the web team, and the current project load of the CAHNRS web team. If you want to discuss migrating your website, please schedule a meeting with the web team to discuss the scope of your specific project.

  • Fill out the web support form to set up a meeting with the CAHNRS web team.
  • Make sure your site is ready to be migrated. Refer to the above information about preparing for a site migration.

Refer to the above information about available resources to help you prepare for a site migration.

The new editor is quite different from the classic editor, however, nearly all website owners and editors who have made the transition feel the Gutenburg Block Editor is significantly easier to use than the classic editor. We have many resources available to assist all website owners and editors

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