Digital Accessibility Resources

The online digital accessibility assessment is available for all web publishers at Washington State University. The training is a required yearly training for all publishers of web content at WSU in accordance with Executive Policy 7 and the Business Policies and Procedures Manual 85.55.

Below we have listed some of the most common web accessibility issues followed by a frequently asked questions section. If you need additional support, please contact our team using the web support form.

Accessibility Core Concepts

Core concepts address a majority of the barriers to digital content and technology

Review the core concepts to improve the accessibility of your digital content and technology. Download the check sheet to help create accessible digital content.

The required training that must be completed yearly will ask you about


  • When linking documents (PDFs, Word Docs, Excel, etc.) on your website, you must inform the user that the link will open a document. This can be done by adding (pdf), (Word Doc), (Excel), etc. to the linked text.
  • If your document is not natively accessible, please make the necessary changes to ensure it’s accessible.


Accessibility Q & A

Digital Accessibility is important for the following reasons:

  • Equal access to information​
  • Improved user experience for all​
  • Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination based on disability​

WSU Accessibility Policies

There are many resources available to help check your site’s accessibility.

One resource is the Wave tool. This tool helps identify accessibility and Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) errors.

For sites in the WSU Web Design System, a web accessibility checker is built in to the editor.

Additionally, the web team can provide web accessibility checks when needed.

CAHNRS and Extension website owners are responsible for ensuring their websites are accessible. All web editors and contributors must complete WSU digital accessibility assessment yearly.


Yes, you can add documents to your site. Please ensure your documents are accessible.

When linking a document it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Include (pdf), (Word Doc), (Excel Doc), etc., within the linked text.
  • Make sure your documents are accessible. 
  • Add a disclaimer at the bottom of the page
    • Example: If you need any of the content provided on this site in a different format, please contact (insert and link email here).

There are tools built into Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat software that can help make documents accessible. Please make sure documents are accessible before adding them to your website. Here are some resources to help you get started: