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Food Hub Establishment: A Case Study of the Southwest Washington Food HubTB89ENew - Online OnlyN/ADecember
WSU Wilke Research and Extension Farm Operation, Production, and Economic Performance for 2021TB88ENew - Online OnlyN/ANovember
Overview of Irrigated Agriculture in Spokane CountyTB87ENew - Online OnlyN/AJune
Overview of Irrigated Agriculture in Skagit CountyTB86ENew - Online OnlyN/AJune
2021-2022 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Skeena Sweet Cherries in Washington StateTB85ENew - Online OnlyN/AAugust
2021-2022 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Chelan Sweet Cherries in Washington StateTB84ENew - Online OnlyN/AAugust
2021-2022 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Sweetheart Sweet Cherries in Washington StateTB83ENew - Online OnlyN/AAugust
2021-2022 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Coral Champagne Sweet Cherries in Washington StateTB82ENew - Online OnlyN/AAugust
Overview of Irrigated Agriculture in Benton CountyTB81ENew - Online OnlyN/AApril
Studies on Fruit and Hard Cider Chemistry of Eastern WashingtonTB77ENew - Online OnlyN/AMay
2020 Estimated Costs of Establishing and Producing Conventional and Organic Hops in the Pacific NorthwestTB38ERevisedN/AApril
Proper Egg Handling: From Farm or Grocery Store to TablePNW720New - Online OnlyN/ADecember
There Are Dangers Lurking in Your FlourPNW717New - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Integrated Management of Mayweed Chamomile in Wheat and Pulse Crop Production SystemsPNW695RevisedN/AMay
Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest VineyardsPNW644Revised$33.00February
Propagating Plants from SeedPNW0170RevisedN/AJune
Using Soil Moisture Sensors in PearsFS377ENew - Online OnlyN/ANovember
Sooty Bark Disease Diagnostic GuideFS375ENew - Online OnlyN/AOctober
Attracting Native Raptors to Dairies for Management of Pest BirdsFS373ENew - Online OnlyN/AMay
Manage Water by Adjusting Lawn Sprinkler Run Time: Instructions for the Columbia Basin of Washington StateFS372ENew - Online OnlyN/AMarch
Learning Agroecology on the Land: Holding a Farm WalkFS371ENew - Online OnlyN/AMarch
Distinguishing Asian Giant Hornet Damage to Honey Bee ColoniesFS370ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Distinguishing Northern Giant Hornet Damage to Honey Bee ColoniesFS370ERevisedN/AAugust
Assessing Freeze Damage to Winter and Spring Wheat Using a Crown Viability TestFS369ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Harvesting Blueberries: A Guide to Machine Pick Blueberries for Fresh MarketFS368ENew - Online OnlyN/AJanuary
Mobile Drip Irrigation (MDI)FS367ENew - Online OnlyN/AOctober
Developing a Food Safety Plan: An OverviewFS363ENew - Online OnlyN/AFebruary
The Northern Giant Hornet — What the Public and Beekeepers Need to KnowFS347ERevisedN/AAugust
Hugelkultur: What is it, and should it be used in home gardens?FS283ERevisedN/ADecember
Seasonal Foliage Discoloration and Loss in Pacific Northwest Evergreen Conifer TreesFS056ERevisedN/AJanuary
2022 Cost Estimates of Producing, and Packing Fresh-Market Bartlett Pears in South WashingtonFS034ERevisedN/ADecember
2022 Cost Estimates of Producing and Packing Fresh- Market Anjou Pears in Wenatchee River Valley, Washington StateFS031ERevisedN/ADecember
Pest Management Guide for Grapes in WashingtonEB0762Revised$9.50March
Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits in WashingtonEB0419Revised$21.50February
Provided by Extension stickers (18 per sheet)C1050RevisedN/AMay
WSU Extension Table Tent Name CardsC0991RevisedN/AMay
WSU Extension NametagsC0956RevisedN/AMay