Image Use Guidelines


Washington State University may use still images or video footage of campus life, events, ceremonies, and other activities to advance the mission of the University. Images and footage taken for WSU are available for non-commercial use by WSU staff and faculty. Media outlets and publications may use images and footage with WSU’s approval. Photos should be credited “Washington State University/photographer’s name” in all instances. Photographs may be used for any and all uses in print or online media.


Photographers do not need to gather photo release forms for persons attending, visiting, or employed by Washington State University who are present in public settings. Signed photo release forms are not required for portraits used for editorial/informational purposes only; the subject is considered to be in consent by agreeing to the photo shoot. Photos taken in public places, for purposes of news or general information, do not require photo releases. Photos used to advertise products or services of the University may not require releases when the focus of the photo is a location or event, not a person.

It is recommended that photographers get signed release forms for those being photographed by the University when the photos may be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising or merchandising. If a subject is a minor under the age of 18, a form must be signed by the child’s parent or guardian before any photo can be taken for any use.

Examples & More Detail

In general, a release is not required if students or others are:

  • WSU faculty or staff.
  • photographed in a non-public environment and the primary focus is not recognizable. (Ex. a silhouette, from-behind view, or out-of-focus shot.)
  • photographed in a public space or at public events, such as sporting events and concerts. These are considered “campus scene” photos. (Ex. a group of students at a WSU football game; a group of alumni at a homecoming event; students walking on Terrell Mall.)
  • invited to attend a group activity/event and chose to participate of their own free will.

In general, a release is required if students or others (except WSU faculty/staff) are:

  • minors (i.e., anyone under age 18). Always obtain a release/consent form for minors.
  • photographed in a non-public space, are recognizable, and have been recruited specifically to serve as subjects/models as the primary focus of the photo.
  • current students, identifiable, and in a location for a specific purpose other than being photographed. (Ex. if a group of students is studying in the WSU library and you want to take a photograph of the group studying.)

Release forms can be accessed and submitted online here: Image Release Form.